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EMDR Workshop on Interweaves in EMDR Therapy

Dr. Joany Spierings returned to Lebanon and delivered her second EMDR workshop in her Three-Steps EMDR series. The title of the workshop was Interweaves in EMDR Therapy: When processing is not going on smoothly with severely damaged clients”, and it took place in Ramada Plaza Hotel, Beirut on February 23 & 24, 2019.

Participants who attended this workshop were mostly members from EMDR Lebanon Association and a number of EMDR therapists from the Arab world (Syria, Egypt, Algeria, & Jordan).

The purpose of the workshop was to teach EMDR therapists how to use different types of “Interweaves” to help clients who are experiencing difficulties in reprocessing their negative experiences to reach an adaptive resolution. Interweaves are brief verbal and behavioral interventions that a therapist uses during the reprocessing phases in EMDR therapy when the client is highly distressed or when the mental processing is blocked.

Dr. Spierings taught the participants how to be creative and innovative in using “Interweaves”. The 2 days were lively and full of valuable information, practical examples, activities, group discussion, and lots of fun.

At the end of the workshop, the participants received “Certificate of Attendance” and got 13 EMDRIA continued education units CEU.

We, in EMDR Lebanon Association, are very happy that Dr. Spierings is coming back again in October 2019 to deliver her third EMDR workshop.