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Basic EMDR Therapy Training Course – Part 3

After progressively and steadily advancing their EMDR skills through continuing their pro-bono work with clients, our 19 EMDR trainees culminated the third and last level of the Basic EMDR Therapy Training Course. The training took place over 5 days from October 31-November 4, 2018 at Coral Beirut Al-Hamra Hotel.

The EMDR trainer of Part 3 was Dr. Derek Farrell from University of Worcester. He is an accredited EMDR training acknowledged by EMDR Europe Association. During this training, the trainees had the chance to extensively share with Dr. Farrell some of the challenges they encountered during their practice. They also shared their positive experiences where clients showed significant clinical improvements.

The vast experience of the trainer and his sharing of some of his clinical cases with the trainees, turned the acquisition of new EMDR knowledge and skills into an interactive experience. During this level, the trainees dwelled into different EMDR approaches to be adopted for particular complex cases and in different settings.

The ongoing guidance and monitoring of the EMDR work with patients during Part 3 will surely be resumed through individual consultations. In addition, group consultations are scheduled to take place in March 2019 for the trainees to fulfill the requirements of officially becoming “therapists trained in EMDR therapy”.

Parallel to the Basic EMDR training, the training of future consultants continued where they were given responsibilities and tasks during workshop, and they were evaluated by an approved EMDR consultant, Mrs. Loraine Knibbs, president of EMDR Association of UK and Ireland. She praised and appreciated the quality of clinical and facilitation skills delivered by our future EMDR consultants.