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EMDR Workshop on Strategies to Stabilize Severely Damaged Clients

The EMDR Lebanon Association organized a 2-day EMDR workshop to its members and a few EMDR therapists who came to participate from abroad (Syria, Dubai, Turkey & Jordan). The workshop was entitled “EMDR WITH SEVERELY DAMAGED OR PROBLEMATIC CLIENTS: Advanced Strategies & Techniques for Stabilization, Adapted Treatment Planning & Skills Training”. The workshop was aimed at experienced EMDR therapists who completed their basic training in EMDR. The purpose was to equip attendees with more strategies and tips to assist even the most challenging clients who require more time to learn emotional regulation before working on their traumas through EMDR.

This workshop was presented by Dr. Joany Spierings, who flew all the way from the Netherlands to share her experiences. Dr. Spierings is a senior EMDR supervisor & psychotherapist who specializes in complex PTSD & complicated grief. The workshop took place in Gefinor Rotana Hotel, Beirut on September 8 & 9, 2018.

Dr. Spierings had the most amusing and inspiring approach while delivering the workshop’s content whereby she provides her impressive expertise with down to earth humor, empathy, and mentorship. She kept participants engaged through practicing most of the learned skills in groups and dyads. The attendees were better armed with both theory and practice towards the end of the workshop. At the end of the workshop, the participants received “Certificate of Attendance” and got 13 EMDRIA continued education units CEU.

Since Dr. Spierings has a wealth of information pertinent to this subject, EMDR Lebanon Association is planning to have two more workshops for the coming year to compliment the material provided in this first workshop.