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EMDR Europe Conference 2018 – Strasbourg, France

The 19th EMDR Europe Conference 2018 was held in Strasbourg (France), the city of beauty and knowledge. It took place between June 28 to July 1, 2018. The title of this conference was EMDR: A Crossroad between Psychotherapy and Neuroscience” and its genre was research. Day 1 was made up of workshops for EMDR trainers and consultants; Day 2 was comprised of preconference workshops with the following topics: (1) Treating attachment wounds with EMDR therapy, (2) Cognitive Interweaves, (3) Building bridges for change in complex trauma for children & families, and (4) Making complex PTSD simple again. Days 3 & 4 included lectures done by prominent keynote speakers in the field of neuroscience and different researchers who were either proposing variations on the EMDR protocol or presenting their own research studies done on the efficacy and efficiency of EMDR therapy.

Six members of EMDR Lebanon Association attended the conference: Ms. Lina Ibrahim (the president), Dr. Christine Nassar, Dr. Youssef Akoury, Mrs. Dania Dbaibo, Mr. Jean Daoud, and Mrs. Rana Kalo Jaroudy. For the first time, Dr. Akoury presented at the EMDR Europe conference and his presentation’s title was “Self-Esteem in Addiction: A Proposition of a New EMDR Protocol”.

During the conference, several meetings were done to strengthen the connection between EMDR Lebanon and other EMDR associations and to set new grounds for future work. This year EMDR Lebanon Association also attended the Board Meeting of EMDR Europe Association as an observer country.

Next year, the 20th EMDR Europe conference will be done in Krakow, Poland from the 27th of June to its 30th, 2019.