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TraumaAid Germany Visit to National & International Organizations that Provide Mental Health Service

During the Basic EMDR Training Course-Part 2, EMDR Lebanon Association had visitors from one of the funding agencies of the project: TraumaAid Germany, to overlook the progress of the project.

As part of monitoring the work that is being done, the president of TraumaAid Germany, Dr. Ute Sodemann and the board member, Dr. Peter Bumke, visited some of the local and international organizations where our participants offer EMDR therapy to clients. They also had the chance to understand the scope of work of these organizations in the mental health field. MHPSS coordinators at different organizations shared their experiences with the visitors and informed them about the points of strength, current needs and challenges faced in the provision of mental health services.

In addition, Dr. Sodemann & Dr. Bumke had informal one-on-one discussions with some trainees who shared their clinical experiences and highlighted how EMDR has been an effective approach with their clients who have suffered negative life experiences.

You can learn more about the humanitarian work of TraumaAid Germany globally and regionally by visiting the website: