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Basic EMDR Therapy Training Course 2018 - Part 2

In the last several months, our trainees worked on strengthening their EMDR skills acquired in Part 1 of the Basic EMDR Training Course. Between May 5 & 9, 2018, they advanced their knowledge in EMDR therapy approach during Part 2 of the Basic EMDR Training Course that took place at the Ramada Plaza Hotel, Beirut.

This didactic training was led by, the two internationally accredited EMDR trainers, Mrs. Mona Zaghrout from Palestine & Dr. Derek Ferrell from United Kingdom. The training focused on how EMDR therapy can be used with individuals that have complex clinical presentations. It was an opportunity for trainees to share some of the cases that they had treated and discuss the different ways that they used with different case complexities while using EMDR therapy.

The 5-days training comprised of both theory and practice. The first half-day of the training, the trainees dwelled into the theoretical aspect of EMDR approach, while the rest of the day was allocated to practice. During Level 2, trainees were introduced to “Blind to Therapist” protocol, which differs from the standard EMDR protocol in that the client does not reveal to the therapist the traumatic/negative experience that he/she is working on.

Parallel to the training, with the aim of studying the effectiveness of EMDR on patients living in Lebanon, we continue tracking down clinical outcomes, by collecting data from beneficiaries receiving EMDR treatment as part of this project.