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Basic EMDR Training Course - Part 2

Mrs. Mona Zaghrout, the accredited EMDR trainer, has come back to Beirut with her team of 3 facilitators from Palestine and presented the second part of the Basic EMDR Training Course. In 4 full days, the trainees learned how to make a good EMDR treatment plan, how to intervene when the client gets stuck or have intense emotions, and how to modify EMDR protocol to specific populations and specific disorders. The trainees also were divided into pairs, and they had to practice all that they have learned about how to do a full EMDR therapy session.

This Basic EMDR Training Course-Part 2 took place in Le Commodore Hotel, Beirut in September 4-7, 2014. It was funded mainly by Trauma Recovery: EMDR HAP USA and, a small part, by FNB (First National Bank) and BBAC (Bank of Beirut and the Arab Countries) in Lebanon. Next, the trainees have to do Group Supervision 2 and the Basic EMDR Training Course will be completed.


Practice in dyad groups
14 psychologists are being trained in
using EMDR with Mrs. Mona Zaghrout


Trainees, trainer, 3 facilitators,
& board members