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Basic EMDR Therapy Training Course 2017 – Part 1

EMDR Lebanon Association marked the beginning of the Basic EMDR Therapy Training Course – Part 1 with an Opening Ceremony to explain the EMDR psychotherapy approach, to increase awareness about its efficacy, and to establish a collaborative relationship with leading professionals. It took place on the 14th of October 2017 in the Ramada Plaza Hotel, Beirut, and it was attend by heads of NGOs, heads of university departments, psychologists and psychiatrists, and the training’s participants. The main speakers were:

  • Ms. Lina Ibrahim (President of EMDR Lebanon Association & Approved EMDR Consultant and Certified EMDR Therapist)
  • Dr. Rabih Chammay (Psychiatrist & Head of Mental Health Program in the Ministry of Public Health in Lebanon)
  • Mrs. Mona Zaghrout (Internationally Accredited EMDR Trainer & Consultant and Head of Counseling Department in YMCA-Palestine)
  • Dr. Derek Farrell (Internationally Accredited EMDR Trainer & Consultant and Senior Lecturer in Psychology in University of Worcester-UK)

Part 1 of the Basic EMDR Therapy Training Course is a 5-days workshop, and it took place from the 14th to the 18th of October 2017. It was presented in the Arabic language by the internationally accredited EMDR trainer, Mrs. Mona Zaghrout from Palestine. She was accompanied by a team of 4 facilitators: Mr. Mohammed Mahajna, Mrs. Lama Odeh Sherif, Mr. Mustafa Omar, and Mr. Alaa Abuayyash.

Thirty-One participants attended the Basic EMDR training. They are experienced psychotherapists half of which are working with NGOs that provide psychosocial support to refugees and vulnerable people. The other half work in private sectors, that is, universities, hospitals, or private clinics.

It was a very successful training and the participants were enthusiastic about learning and practicing EMDR therapy. They are now practicing the EMDR procedure before they begin applying it on their clients. They will receive individual and group consultation by our consultants until Level 2 that will take place in May 2018.

Thanks to Trauma Aid Germany & Terre des Hommes Germany for providing this opportunity for EMDR Lebanon Association to fulfil one of its missions.