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EMDR Europe Conference 2017, Barcelona

“The Psychotherapy of the 21st Century” was the title of the 18th EMDR Europe Conference 2017 that took place in Barcelona, Spain, between the 30th of June to the 2nd of July, 2017. Six members of EMDR Lebanon Association attended the conference: the president, Ms. Lina Ibrahim, the vice president, Mrs. Dania Dbaibo, the treasurer, Dr. Christine Nassar, Miss Rima Makki, a board member, and two other members, Dr. Therese Bou Jaoude and Mrs. Lara Tyan.


The conference was very well organized and professionally executed. The first day was for EMDR Trainers and Consultants’ workshops, and other 2 days were made up of a variety of workshops. The workshops included many topics and research findings related to childhood abuse, brain development, psychopathology, and other topics. The presenters also discussed ways of using EMDR therapy with different psychological problems & disorders, such as, mood disorders, psychosis, dissociative disorders, complex PTSD, performance problems, attachment problems, eating disorders, and other disorders.


The main advantage in attending EMDR conferences on a regular basis is the networking that we make when we meet many professionals from all over the world who are working hard and with passion in the field of mental health, and with whom we can exchange experiences and ideas. What is also remarkable is meeting our colleagues and friends from the EMDR world.


EMDR Lebanon Association also attended as an observer country on Monday, July 3, the Board Meeting of EMDR Europe Association. It is a whole-day meeting of representatives from 27 European EMDR National Associations where they work on spreading, developing, regulating, and improving different aspects of EMDR therapy trainings, workshops, and research.