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General Assembly Meeting 2017

EMDR Lebanon Association had its General Assembly on March 4, 2017 in Ramada Plaza Hotel, Raouche. The president of the association, Ms. Lina Ibrahim, gave a presentation where she summarized all the achievements that occurred since 2013 and shared the action plan of 2017. Some of the association’s achievements that took place in the past 4 years were the Basic EMDR Training Course, 3 advanced EMDR workshops, connections with several international EMDR organizations and national mental health organizations, establishment of the Website and the Facebook page, and the translation of EMDR therapy manual and materials to the Arabic language. The action plan of the year 2017 will include new projects, new EMDR workshops, and more networking with national and international organizations.

The General Assembly was followed by one of a series of group studying circles that aim to improve the skills of our members in using EMDR therapy, its protocols, and its techniques. Our vice president, Mrs. Dania Dbaibo, gave a short presentation on the technique that is used to relieve phobias called “Flashforward”, and she later gave a live demonstration.