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DeTUR Model: An Urge Reduction Protocol based on AIP model of EMDR

EMDR Lebanon Association organized a 2-day EMDR workshop on how to treat addictions and dysfunctional behaviors by using the DeTUR model (Desensitization of Triggers and Urge Reprocessing). It is based on the adaptive information-processing model (AIP) of EMDR, and it can used with as an integral part of a comprehensive plan of EMDR therapy. This workshop was presented by its developer, Dr. Arnold J. Popky, who is a counseling psychologist in USA and an approved EMDR consultant. This workshop took place in Ramada Plaza Hotel, Beirut on October 29 & 30, 2016.

Dr. Popky taught, with enthusiasm, the participants on how to use the 12 steps of DeTUR to reduce the urge to abuse substances, overeat, gamble, indulge in sex, act compulsively, have anger outbursts, and other maladaptive behaviors. His teaching method was using live demonstrations, visuals, and dyad grouping. At the end of the workshop, participants received “Certificates of Attendance” from Dr. Popky and received 13 EMDRIA continued education units CEU.